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Pogledajte kako Milo Đukanović đuska dok Aleksandra Prijović peva na svadbi njegovog sina (VIDEO)

"Not because I would know about any recent developments regarding Arkan's conflicts with the regime, but because of the circumstances of the assassination: Just how the hell did they manage to kill him and escape, in a hotel full of the security staff? Arkan's murder is the latest in a series of more than a dozen gangster-style killings in Belgrade that have targeted figures who, like Arkan, had plenty of blood on their hands, profited from war and were in the employ of the Milosevic regime.

Milo Đukanović oženio sina, evo kako je izgledala mlada; Među gostima Dejan Savićević, Hari Mata Hari, Tarzan... (FOTO)

President Djukanovic has accused them of being "the political infantry of Greater Serbia nationalism.

Press release: Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic meets with Hea

There is no flaw in the work done, then it was estimated that, although it is late, we must go with the adoption of that law, that we must not wait more than five years since we started the story, and I will remind you that the adoption of that law started in 2014.

ŽESTOK ODGOVOR VULINA MILU: Srbija se ne ponaša kao u devedesetim, a Đukanović se i dalje ponaša i radi kao mafijaš iz devedesetih

Former Serbian Interior Minister Radovan Stojcic, known as "Badza" "the hulk" , was similarly assassinated in a Belgrade pizzeria in 1997.

Who killed Arkan?

"In the previous period, I had communication that is implicit for people who perform the functions of the heads of states of neighboring countries," he said.

Ceca: Nisam u vezi sa Milom Đukanovićem

Prime Minister Djukanovic underlined that the Government was fully committed to making further efforts to meet the political and economic criteria for EU membership and harmonize national legislation with the acquis communautaire.

Montenegro election: Djukanovic′s DPS leads with slim margin

Djukanovic did not precisely answer the question whether some people no longer have a place at the top of the DPS after the elections.

SVADBA GODINE: Ceca Ražnatović i Milo Đukanović se veselili kod najbogatijeg Crnogorca

"I lean to the conclusion that the regime is behind the assassination," speculated one Serbian analyst.

ŽESTOK ODGOVOR VULINA MILU: Srbija se ne ponaša kao u devedesetim, a Đukanović se i dalje ponaša i radi kao mafijaš iz devedesetih

His showy entrances were announced by the arrival of his unmistakable fleet of armored sports utility vehicles -- the sight of which struck terror in the hearts of non-Serbs who were brutalized by his ruthless paramilitary Tigers in Kosovo, Croatia and Bosnia.